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Welcome to Children and Radio, a project to promote and encourage radio for and by children and young people. On this site, you can find information about all aspects of children's radio in the UK:
  • Blaze RadioYoung people making radio for themselves
    More and more schools, colleges, youth and community groups are making radio for themselves.  In our research we identified a wide range of creative and innovative radio projects in schools and communities around the country - this section brings you examples and approaches to help you decide what kind of radio project is right for you.
  • Resources 
    Information and contacts on funding sources, training and support organisations and materials, regulators and equipment suppliers.
  • On air and online stations  
    There aren't many stations, or even radio programmes, specifically for young people in the UK, but here's a list of those which are available: public service, commercial, online - for children and by children.  
  • Get involved
    Let us know what you are doing, or join the Radio in Schools email group (on Yahoo) to share information and tips about using radio in education.

And you can also find out more about us and how to contact us.

Get involved:
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Children and Radio is a project from the charity London Link Radio (company no. 05842325, charity no. 1117356)