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InterviewingVolunteering as a community reporter is a good way of getting experience, if you are a new radio broadcaster / media worker, whilst at the same time making sure that local voices and stories are heard.

For community reporting you don't have to look for the big stories, names or events - we particularly want interviews with members of the community who are organising local groups or small events, or who have interesting stories to tell about their lives.  The form below suggests topics which you might like to report on - feel free to suggest others.  

InterviewingJoin our network of volunteer Community Reporters in and around London if you:

  • have some skills in interviewing, recording and editing (eg. you may have trained on a short radio production course)

  • would like to report on people and events in your local community or around London

  • have some free time and want to do some reporting as a volunteer - this can be regularly or just occasionally, depending on your other commitments.

You don't have to have your own recording or editing equipment, although it will be very useful for you if you do.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

Community Reporters - Application form 
I would like to join London Link Radio's team of volunteer Community Reporters.




I am interested in/specialise in the following topics 
(tick and show your level of expertise, eg beginner, know a little, know a lot):

Arts / Literature / Writing
Culture (details...) 
Education / Learning
Environment / Climate Change
Human Rights
Music (say what kind(s)..) 
Refugees / Migrants 
Work / Employment
Local Area (say which...)
Other - please give details

What is your level of skill in the following 
(beginner, moderate, experienced):

Researching/setting up interviews 
Recording (on mini disc and/or on MP3) 

Do you have your own recording/editing equipment? Yes/No
If yes, please tick and give details:

Recording equipment (eg MD, MP3, mic etc) 

Editing equipment (eg laptop+software - which?)

Please email your form to cathy.aitchison[@] (please remove the [ ] before sending).
Or post it to:  London Link Radio, 14 Bishops Road, Croydon CR0 3LD

We look forward to hearing from you.  


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